28 June 2009


A Blues Traveler album, the number of sleeping dogs that lie and the number of Americans in Malava.  Brunch was held today with Katie and Sue as our hosts.  It is nice to have a new set of ideas to be throw into the conversational mix.  Our laundry girl was kind enough to cook us chapati as a thank you.  Being her employer, she feels that she should cook for us every so often in thanks.  With good food, Michael and I were treated to 1970’s Italian cannibal exploitation films.  I had read of them before and to give Michael his due credit, “They are one step above snuff films.”  So with visions of cannibalism in my head, I had one of my best sleeps in weeks.  Strange, huh?

July is upon us and I have been here for half a year.  If time moves as quickly as the past six months, I should be home in no time.