20 June 2009

Cow Lung Anybody?

We traveled to the Middle East via Michael’s culinary aptitude this afternoon.  The most notable part was our first foray into cow lung.  He bought it basically because it was there, and we decided to fry it up for a little Fear Factor:Kenya.  It is strange to cut.  The tissue is clearly layered and has a spongy feel when held, and squashes as the blade slices.  In the fry pay, it blows up to triple the size and immediately shrinks upon removal.  We add nothing to it and consumed it while it was still hot.  Though a little bit chewy, it was quite good.  I would go as far as to say that I will be on the lookout for lung the next time I go to the butcher.  The taste I can aliken to very tender fat.  The taste was rich, but not completely unique.  With that eaten, I believe we will continue to try out different parts of the cow.  Neto will soon be giving us lessons on how to prepare a chicken and we will be able to try everything.  Do not be concerned, pictures of the entire ordeal will surely be taken.