08 June 2009

Corruption Abound

  • Transparency International released its yearly report concerning global corruption.  When it came to petty corruption, none other than good old Kenya sat as the champions.  Seeing that bribes take place all the time and that the police have stops on the roads for the purpose of collecting bribes, I am not at all surprised.  When I told Neto and David, they joked that since Kenya is unable to be the winner of sports championships, they should have at least one title to hold.
  • Speaking of which, Kenya lost to Nigeria 3-0 yesterday in the World Cup Qualifier.  With 0 points from two games, the team looks to be missing a trip to South Africa.
  • I mentioned that AIG was the sponsor of Man U and how it was strange to see a government owned company all over the shirts of the worlds biggest soccer team.  Now Aon Corporation is poised to take over sponsorship for the 2010-11 season for a contract of four years.  The terms of the deal have yet to be released.
  • Pastor Jairus was at the center to do some CBRW work and told Neto, David and I the story of a man who was cheated by his lawyer.  The short summary is that the lawyer ran off with his clients awarded money and after years of evading finally surfaced to be acquitted by the Kenyan high courts.  Despite documentation proving his scheme and the Kenyan Law Society’s recommendation of licensure revocation, he got away with it.  Confused as to why the man would entrust the money with his lawyer, David questioned the man’s actions.  Pastor Jairus said that the two had worked for over three years on the case and had become friends.  To which David replied, “You cannot befriend a Kenyan lawyer.  It’s like befriending a python.”  A good conversation considering that TI listed the judiciary as the second most corrupt part of Kenya.  Of course second to the police.
  • I helped David with fixing a pair of crutches for client Jairus to use in walking.  Sadly, he is far too weak to use them.  His upper body and lower body are equally as weak.  He can crawl like a champ, but I am worried that walking will not ever be an option for him.  With a smile that can change the mood of the unhappiest person, I wish that there was something I could do for the little guy.
  • I went to the Honey Drop for breakfast this morning.  Upon arrival, Honey Drop Boy was waiting outside with his bottle of chai.  I greeted him and he took my hand as he led me to my seat.  I pulled up a chair and he did the same right next to me.  As I ate and watched the morning news, he drank and gave sporadic glances.  I think most of all he was proud to sit beside the mzungu.  I noticed something wrong and when I looked closer I saw that he had terribly burned his arm.  It must have happened over the weekend, but it looked as if he had an oil burn on his left forearm.  He went on as if he had never been injured.  The wound was exposed and was hard to sit next to as I ate, but it did not look as if it was open to infection.  I worry for his health as he continues to run around in the kitchen.  Children here are not the picture of cleanliness and I am sure that infections from cuts is a frequent occurrence.  I am going to keep an eye out for him.  Also, he is susceptible to contractures due to the trauma.  If he needs therapy, I would like to get him over to the centre as soon as possible.