11 June 2009

Budgets and Bee News

  • Kenya released its budget today.  The teachers got a raise and for some reason the ministry of health was nowhere to be found near the top.  I wonder if this has to do with all the medical aid money which comes into Kenya.  With so much aid pouring in, it is possible that a large expenditure is not necessary.  On the upside, the majority of the money goes to education, not defense like that other country where I claim citizenship.  That is not to hold Kenya up as a model, the public schooling is terrible flawed, but there are some things that they seem to get right here.  Now, to put an end the petty issue of corruption.
  • Kenya has until August, Kofi Annan says, or the Hague will become the final destination for the envelope with the top suspects from the post-election violence.  Read Here: http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSLB776869
  • I had the chance to go to the Eldoret clinic today but declined to finish my work on the May accounts.  As it turns out, David was not prepared with petty cash and I could not do the work I intended.  However, it appears as if Neto has come down with Malaria.  He remained through the majority of the day, but I am glad I stayed to help out however I could.  Malaria can do a number to someone and Neto was nowhere near at full speed today.  Fortunately, a long weekend should be a good chance for him to rest up.
  • Laundry Girl has become a bit of a living soap opera for Michael and I.  With a mother suffering from leukemia who was in the hospital for a few weeks and has now left her homeless with her son.  Laundry Girl was staying with a friend, but this morning was kicked out.  So, she came over and literally got on her knees to beg for help from me.  I provided a little financial help as more money that she will pay via doing our laundry.  I feel badly for her situation, but we are in no position to completely support a girl and her son.  Without us, I am sure she would be without a place to sleep tonight.  With rent a mere $15 a month, it is terrible to think of how easily I can spend that money here and especially at home.  Today is one of the many days where I have to stop and be thankful for the ease of nothing having to worry about putting food on the table or find a place to rest my head.