29 June 2009

Back it Comes

As quickly as it came and left, rains are back.  A string of rainy afternoons might signal their return.  The ‘long’ rains were supposed to have started at the end of March and extend until August.  So far, we have had a sharp period of rains for a few weeks from April to May.  Rain has persisted on an occasional nightly basis since.  I may be jumping the gun, but mid-day rain for the past few days seems to look like more consistency.  The drought continues to affect the northern part of Kenya and there is a water shortage in Nairobi.  When infrastructure is non-existence, nature must be relied upon.  When nature fails, there is nothing.  Helplessness does not capture the feeling when you are compelled to rely on something you cannot control.  With all of our water based in our rain tank, we will be helpless if it stops raining and runs dry.  That is not to say that it will or that I expect it to, but there are places where it is a reality and not a hypothetical.  Running water is a luxury that I never thought to be until coming here.

A sharp bolt of lightning shot down upon our house, illuminating the room as I sat reading by candle light.  We were without power at this moment and the light had me thinking that it was the power blinking on.  The possibility of power was defeated by the explosion of a garbage truck crashing with an airplane above.  The thunder continues to be otherworldly.