07 June 2009


Horrific screams proceeded stamping feet.  As they grew louder and more desperate, we knew that it was not a child playing.  With greater volume came greater fear and a streaking color of black blurred past.  I ran out, knowing the only possible reason for this reaction.  Throwing open the kitchen door open revealed a view from my window of a boy writhing.  His screams continued as he rolled on the ground, shirt gone and pants lost.  Like a burst of wind, a man flung the door open and snatched the terrified child from the ground to pull him into Father’s home.

As I turned back, a pack were running, swatting the air.  Someone had knocked a bees nest and the attack was full on.  Bees are not more deadly in terms of poison, but aggression is their strong point.  We ran to shut up the house to keep the bees from entering as one of the boys comes balling into our courtyard.  He screams as he hits at his left arm.  I go over cautiously to help him out and look for the invader.  Fortunately, he killed it, but it stung him along the way.  The dead body dropped out the left sleeve as he continued to cry.  I brought him inside, gave him juice and a little medicine for the pain.

He was noticeably shaken by the attack and sat with a look of emptiness.  All had been drained from his small body as I brought ice for his arm.  I checked outside to see what had happened and saw this:

DSC01061 DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01066 DSC01067 DSC01069

The goat struggled mightily to defeat the bees, but was unable to run away.  The number has decreased, but it is still unable to take more than a few steps before stumbling back to the ground.  Currently, we are locked in to keep any potential attackers away.

At one point, a man ran out with a blanket and a flag over his head.  In his hand was a machete to cut the black goat loose.  He was successful, but the goat would not move.  A woman from across the street ran out and threw a rock to no avail.  She was greeted by an attack and hurried back into her home to prevent injury.  The man made it back as he was swarmed by what must have been at least one hundred circling his head.

After my experience with a bee sting, I want nothing to do with these bees.  I really wish I could have done something for the goat, but there was no way I could make it out there and not be stung.  From what I have read, the poison is not stronger in the bees here.  However, they apparently are more defensive and will respond with 3 to 4 times more attackers.