04 May 2009

Yada Yada Yada

Feeling the effects of the weekend, but a little bit of soreness from an enjoyable weekend is a pleasant reminder.  Work was quick and painless.  Neto gave me the football round-up based on the weekend’s matches.  Nancy discovered that the rats broke into the butter and peanut butter over the weekend.  She assured us that they had not eaten any of it, just the plastic, but Sue and I decided to pass on the peanut butter.

Today is the last day before the kids return to school for the second term.  They were here in full force to draw, kick the soccer ball, and play with the cars.  Tomorrow, we should have a significantly reduced crowd.  The younger kids will likely still be around, but the older ones will have school until about 4pm every day.  This will change my afternoon play club thing, but I have a feeling that many will still come by on the way home from school.  One benefit has been that we get drawings for us from the kids.  They love to draw pictures and label them in English.  To show our appreciation, we have begun to hang them around the house.  I got a stack of computer paper in Kakamega yesterday so they could have new paper.  By the end of the year, we should have our walls covered.  We will take on the role of proud parents with too many children.  The girls seem to gravitate to the drawing more than the boys.  They will quietly work away.  Once done, they come in to give us the completed masterpiece.  If I am feeling generous, I will share their work.