05 May 2009

Thank You Anonymous Person

So it seems that this is a bit of recycled news coming from the Nation when I posted the row over a maize ‘smear’ a few days ago.  This article from January indicates Ralia’s acceptance in admitting that there was an existing problem and taking steps to deal with the problem.  The Nation has been irresponsible by not even bothering to reference the article below.  An alarmist newspaper, they frame the story as if it is entirely new.  That is not to say that Ralia may or may not have had a part in this scandal.  However, to pass on mentioning past events that warranted a news article is negligent.

Raila sacks aide over maize scandal

PM Raila Odinga. He says he recommended investigations on aide after he received word that he could have been involved in maize scam.

By DAVID MUGONYI Posted Tuesday, January 27 2009 at 21:41

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has suspended one of his aides over the maize scandal and promised to sack any ODM minister implicated in corruption.

Mr Odinga also disclosed that several trucks of maize were smuggled to Southern Sudan despite an export ban on the commodity.

The Government, he added, was investigating two individuals involved in the smuggling of maize to Sudan with a view of prosecuting them. They are said to have colluded with some government officials.

The PM told the Nation that he had asked that his aide be investigated after he received word that he could have been involved. “There is one officer whom I asked he be suspended and investigated,” he said.

And Mr Odinga put all members allied to his party on notice – anyone involved in any scandal will face the law. “Any minister or assistant minister found to be involved in this digression will definitely lose his position in the government and the law will take its course.”

The PM said although action had been taken on officers in government over scandals, investigations were going on and anyone involved would be dealt with. “The political leadership will also take responsibility if they are implicated in the ongoing investigations,” he added.

The PM spoke a day after top managers of the National Cereals and Produce Board were sacked over the maize scandal.

Mr Odinga dismissed claims that he had wavered on his pledge to fight corruption, saying he had initiated sackings and suspensions in several parastatals.

Monitoring unit

He said he could not “shout” against the vice now that he was in the government when he can take action.
Through the Efficiency Monitoring Unit and the Inspectorate of State Corporations, Mr Odinga said audits had been carried out in eight parastatals among them Nzoia Sugar Company, Kenya Tourist Board, National Social Security Fund, Kenya Airports Authority and Water Services Regulatory Board.

Others are Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Meat Commission, National Cereals and Produce Board and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr Odinga said his office had instructed the KAA board to take disciplinary action against its managing director