13 May 2009

Some Sun

and more rain.  The morning was rather normal and the sun was out for the most of the day, but rains came at about one and brought in the cool air and plenty of hail.  My clothes did dry off enough to get them off the line and I had a semi-warm shower.

Two kids that I want to mention from the center today:

  1. Robin – He is a little ball of unbridled movement who is on the go from the moment he arrives at the center.  He now knows that I kid around with him whenever he comes and he has taken to a playful relationship.  Now, whenever he sees me he gives me the hardest hand slap possible because he knows that it will cause me great pain.  I always react as if he has hurt me and blow on my hand to relieve the pain.  Today, as he was leaving, he called me over and told me to ‘bring my hand’ over to him in Swahili.  I waked over and he wound up with a great slap.  He roared as I pretended that I was in pain.
  2. Shiyonga’s brother – His brother made his first visit to the center.  He has no disability but is sadly HIV positive.  While his brother was getting treatment he sat alone.  I brought over a car and began to roll it back and forth with him.  He kept pushing it back but had no expression as he gave each light push.  Finally, after a bit of effort I was able to find a smile.  He slowly opened up and showed off his endearing smile.  I was glad to see him happy but dismayed by his appearance.  His teeth looked to be rotten at the age of no more than three and he was looking sickly in general.  I do not see how a child looking as he does, with HIV, can live for very long.  I have no experience with this so I am not sure what may or may not happen, but his health is in serious jeopardy and I do not see things progressing well for him.  He is cared for by his grandmother because his mother is dead and father has fled.