12 May 2009


  • Watched a male bird a courtin’ a female amongst the trees at the center.  He shouted to get her attention but she did not even begin to turn around to see what he was up to.  In order to get things going, he began to puff out his chest, hop around and flap his stubby wings as quickly as they could go without achieving flight.  She would fly to another branch and he would follow with a little more effort after each move.  This went on for a good twenty minutes as I watched from my seat on the broken wall.
  • I spotted Coolio’s sister walking along in Malava this morning.  She had five or so braids leaping in different directions as if competing strands looking to convince the rest to follow.  However, they were all far too stubborn to agree, let alone follow the rules of  gravity.  I attempted to convince Angela to style her hair in the same manner and she told me no.
  • We were at the center until 2:00 and only saw five children.  A second rainy day meant super duper slow.
  • After work, I sat in on the staff meeting that was conducted entirely in Swahili.  I wish I could say that I got what was going on because of all my lessons, but I was pretty lost.  On the bright side, I had the newest Economist and was treated to an orange Fanta.
  • Michelle came back with the boys and she is without a doubt the worlds cutest kid.  She also insists on talking to Michael and I as much as possible.  Since she knows a little English, she opts for Swahili.  Michael has just returned English and I pretend as if I have an idea when I cannot understand a single word she says.
  • At tuna fish for dinner, canned of course, and it was as good as I remembered.