21 May 2009

Rain Controls my Life

In many ways the title is entirely accurate.  Without it, we were with a dry rain tank and muddy well water.  The roads were dry, cars kicked up dust at any speed and an orange tint covered clothes and skin.  With rain the days are shortened to 5 hours of daylight, slick mud is the way to work, cold showers end each day, clothes sit on the line for days never really dry and water is plentiful with a full rain tank and plenty to go around.  The flowers are in bloom with the rain here, new birds populate the town and crops are flourishing.  A more recent negative aspect of the rain has come in the form of inconsistent power.

I thought of rain most of the time when we were without it.  Now, there is no way to ignore it when it rains off and on from 3pm through the rest of the night.  Living here has been a challenge because I am without any of the comforts that can make constant rain or sun easier.  There is no great source of water that is pumped into my home at a cheap price.  There is no infrastructure of paved roads that wind in every which way.  Simplicity dominates my very existence and there is no way around it.

I have found that I am more rested now that it is cooler at nights, but more restless during the day.  When it rains everything stops here.  People flee like they were kin of the Wicked Witch of the West.  I can understand this because the downpour is so strong that there is no way to stay dry unless you are covered from head to toe or decide to stay in one place.  The latter is always the choice here because that is the only real option.

The SJC has become slower and slower as the rain has come.  More children come at a slower pace that before, making the days go by even slower.  However, with this change, I have found that I am able to better handle the languid hours.  I continue to wonder how I will be able to get back into a quicker lifestyle.  I am sure it will not be a long transition, but I do not imagine it to be easy.  Here for almost five months now and I know that I will continue to adjust to life.