07 May 2009

Rafiki Yangu

I had to write an essay titled that (my friend) for my lesson today and it was the only title I could think of for today.  A record slow day at the SJC after a packed one yesterday.  We were done at 1pm both days, yesterday we saw 21 clients with today a mere 5.  Slow would be a nice way of describing the day.  I returned home and the kids followed.  It is nice now that they are back in school.  Now our courtyard is populated by the 8 and unders in the afternoon.  They are the best behaved and by far the cutest.  With some crayons and paper they happily draw for the afternoon.  I taught them how to play tic-tac-toe and they caught on rather quickly.  I will walk about every so often to see how they are doing, but allow them to play independently for the most part.  Then it was time for a little Swahili and darkness brought an end to the day.

I am still running on fumes after two ‘late’ nights watching football with Neto.  I knew that it was going to catch me quickly.

Last thing, I have become aware that I have developed some Kenyan speech patterns and communication tactics.  I use the eyebrow-raise to say yes like everyone does here.  The two hand wave is now as natural as walking.  I cannot wave with one hand, it has to be two hands raised at chest level with palms perpendicular to the ground to be returned quickly to my side.  I also use “eh” or “je” to ask a child or person to repeat something.  Lastly, I do a sort of “tisk tisk” sound when disappointed that sounds like the same thing only sucking in rather than blowing out.  I am sure that I have latched onto other things that I am not aware of, but these things are the most distinct.