27 May 2009

Outage (yea I stole the title)

Power was down again for roughly twenty-four hours starting yesterday afternoon and returning today at about five.  I can handle the inability to use my computer, but the food thawing in the fridge is a bit of a bummer.  That just means that we will have to eat leftovers sooner than expected.  I kept busy at the SJC while Sue was on the mend yesterday.  As I worked, I listened to my iPod since I was alone for most of the time.  I had shown it to Neto one time before when I was using it, so he came in and asked to see it again.  He listened to whatever I had on my playlist, switching from song to song.  Soon, David joined us and Neto started to show him what he was listening to.  He kept turning up and down the volume to show how loud and soft it can get.  Then, David took over and began to flip through songs.  He would pause for a few seconds on each one and then move on.  That was until he met Mr. Smokey Robinson as he sings Second That Emotion.  It was the only song he listened to in its entirety, but he was dancing along with arms pumping in a semi-march (a uniquely Kenyan dance move that I often see Neto doing) and head bobbed up and down to the beat all while mumbling “I will second that emotion.”  I fought bursting out laughing and was successful in repressing the outburst.  I would say that David’s introduction to Motown can be characterized as ‘love at first sound.’  

At home, sans power, I read and did crosswords before some Swahili lessons.  Then the night was left to more reading, now by candlelight, with me retiring to bed at around 8:30.  I took it as a good time to rest up before the big match tonight.

All week, Neto and David have been chattering about the all but wrapped up UEFA cup.  It has been funny to see Neto get so excited for the match.  With the match day upon us, I noticed the town was a bit different today.  People were wearing their team colors, flags were hung from stalls and everyone seemed to have a little something in their step.  I fear what may happen if Man U was to lose tonight, but I am sure that it will be a fun time watching it with Neto.

This afternoon, Sue and I met up with Pastor Jairus.  He is one of our CBRW’s as well as a father to Jamima who is a client at the SJC.  He took us over to a school that he founded for local children.  It is private and currently only goes up to class 4 (out of 8 for primary school), but the kids were very excited to see the two wazungu.  We met the teachers including his wife who seems to run the show at the school wile Jairus gets his pastor on.  We were treated to Cokes, spoke about the school and took pictures.  Sue took a bunch of the kids and then showed them the image on her camera.  As always, the kids lost it and fell into fits of uncontrollable laughter.  It is always a riot when kids see themselves on a digital camera.  They crowd around and yell as they see themselves and friends looking back from an image that was just captured a few moments ago.

Jairus is looking to expand the school and I am encouraged to find more people who are devoted to developing the communities in which they live.  He spoke of his desire to provide education for children and to give them opportunities to grow and in turn grow the community itself.  For a man with so few connections when it comes to finance, he has done a wonderful job.  Sue and I are going to return so that we can spend a full day at the school.  It might not be enough, but a passion for educating children will do much to help Jairus as he endeavors to provide a place where his children and neighbors can get the education that they deserve.

After, he brought us to his home where we had some corn.  It is not quite Jersey corn, but it was nice to have a different form of starch.  We all chatted more and then came back home. 

Football tonight and maybe an introduction to our cat tomorrow…