11 May 2009


It poured late last night and did the same this evening into tonight.  On the bring side we have some more rain for the crops on our rain tank.  It also means that the town is a mud bowl.  Fortunately, I have come to understand that it will only get worse and that the road near the SJC gets to be quite bad when it rains like it has for the past twenty four hours.  Since I have already had malaria, the next major watch will be for my first mud spill.  I am sure that I will have a glorious wipe out while walking to work one morning.  It will have to happen in the morning because then I will have to go home and take a cold shower to clean off.  The afternoon would be far too convenient. 

Since we decided to venture our in-between the two downpours this evening, I was treated to my second rain shower.  The water pressure is the best that Malava has to offer and I can get over the frigid water when I have been thoroughly soaked and wrinkled after a five minute walk.  Do not worry, Michael and I were the only people in the streets at this time.  Everyone else was under cover, we were walking in the rain.  At home I cleaned myself and my clothes.

Esther Mulupi finally came back after a three month absence, bigger and with long hair.  However, she did not lose her dancing form.  With Bob Marley boping, she broke into dance that incorporated a contagious smile.  She is a character and I love to see her dance.  In addition, Ruth was back to playing pseudo dodge ball with Nancy.  This girl did not smile once until last week when she and Nancy ran about the center throwing soft balls at each other.  Needless to say, seeing her laughing made the sitting around a forgotten experience.

DSC00837At home, the kids came by and the world’s most adorable girl, Michelle, hung out with us.  Since the kids loving telling us about Obama, we determined that it would be best to call her Michelle Obama (pictured to the left).  Do not worry, we also have made friends with Bill Clinton (R).  Yes, the Bill Clinton in the flesh right here in Kenya.  It turns out that presidential names are not unique here in Kenya.  His name is Bill Clinton, but it sounds as if DSC00884he is called Clinton.  Regardless, he will be called by his full presidential name as long as I am around.   It turns out that he  happens to have a brother named Sam (L) whose overall cuteness rivals that of Michelle Obama.  Their mother sells vegetables behind our house and made sure to thank me for allowing the boys to play at our house.  Michelle hung around while we had our Swahili lesson and then grabbed Sam to play some soccer in our courtyard while we were finishing up on our class work.