03 May 2009


So we did the Kakamega Rainforest thing today.  The day was nothing less than great and was made better by meeting up with two fellow CMMB volunteers.  Lauren and Kristy work at a hospital on the bottom of Lake Victoria on the border of Tanzania.  They live over two hours from a paved road and spend most of their time with Italians.  Needless to say, they were pumped to spend some time with some young Americans.  We met up in the morning and then made our way to the forest.  There is not much to describe besides a lot of walking, a nice waterfall, a sprawling vista of the forest and getting lost on a path but finally finding our way back to the main road.  I am tired after too long hikes and will not attempt to illustrate our adventures with words, pictures will do the job just fine.


DSC00829Michael and Sue make trouble with the guard.

DSC00813Michael navigates the tricky rocks, aware that one false step could result in a broken wet camera.

IMG_3281Just some water rushing down rocks.

DSC00818From the top.

IMG_3291Michael takes a picture of Lauren and Kristy taking a picture.IMG_3307Pondering great things at the base of the steps.

DSC00825Just a rainforest that happens to be in our backyard.  No big deal.

IMG_3314  I am.