28 May 2009

Four Day Weekend

Since Monday is Kenyan independence day part 1 (yes they get two, one for leadership and one for freedom), I will get to enjoy a longer weekend than usual.  Outside of the general depression felt by Neto and David, there was not much to today.  We got a new shelf for out kitchen to free up some space for our spices and attempt to deal with the flies.  Flies are always around and cannot seem to be entirely defeated.  I have tried sprays with minimal success.  Bugs are all not that big of a problem but they can be an annoyance from time to time. 

It is nice that people are starting to recognize me as the Chelsea man.  I get a laugh because people will yell “Chels” at me in the market.  It continues to provide a way to talk to anyone, pretty much men, in town.  I think that going to the games has helped put me in a place that makes me seem to be more of a part of the men here in Malava.  It is one of those ‘one of us’ type deals and I think that it is working out well so far.  I think it helps to be seen and I will do my best to continue to put myself into Malava.  As it turns out, this weekend will have a bullfight in Kakamega.  I am thinking that I may try to go and check it out.  From what I gather, the bullfight is an actual fight between two bulls.  If I go I will be sure to photograph it and explain it to the best of my understanding.