24 May 2009

Food and Guests

Today, we played host to multiple guests who came at different times for brunch.  I made everyone my version of pizza with sausage and my work-in-progress tomato sauce.  We had Sue, who happens to be again fighting malaria.  It seems that the drugs she took did not get rid of the whole thing.  Now she is on a much stronger treatment to take care of the problem.  I think I should be alright, despite Katie and Sue both having reoccurring malaria, because I took a strong a newer medication when I had it back in March.  In addition, we had two new guests, Randall and Ryan.  Both are Americans doing some short term volunteering at Tumiani with Michael.  We had a drop in by Sr. Phyllis, Neto and Angela.  All were fed and all seemed to enjoy the food.  It was nice for us to have a flow of guests throughout the afternoon.  We were able to talk to new Americans and then learn about Kenyan corruption from Neto.  I did not realize it, but I needed a day to be around some friendly people.  Often times it is just Michael and I, which has worked out quite well, but new people to converse with can be reenergizing.

Also, we were treated to a rain free afternoon.  So, with guests and sun today was a perfect Sunday.  Oh, and we have a new cat.  Name and pictures to be presented soon, but it is tiny and already has won our affection.