01 May 2009

Despite what you may have thought

Happiness is not a warm gun, but watching Lion King with some kids on a rainy day.  An overcast day dominated the mood for this Labor Day.  Being a national holiday, I did not notice a single change in town.  Everything seemed to go on at its normal pace with everyone crowding the market.  A Honey Drop Breakfast started off the day and a scone from there provided a nice bun for my first ever attempt at sloppy joes.  In-between, Michael and I hung out at the house as the boys played with the bike and soccer ball then watched Lion King with Victor, ‘Rainbow’ and Maxwell when they were stranded by the heavy rains.

I came to the realization that many more people have television in Malava than I had thought before, but the kids still love to watch movies.  The older ones are into action like any young boy around the world.  The younger ones still go crazy for Disney.  Lion King is a classic and we thought they would enjoy it.  It was a riot to see them light up when Swahili words and phrases were spoken.  They even had an entire song that featured the ever popular (although I have only heard it used once so far) ‘Hakuna Matata.’  I have a hard time turning away the kids when they come to play.  I know that there is nowhere else to go and I would personally rather have them play around our courtyard or near our home.  The alternatives are not that great and only lead to trouble.  Tomorrow is going to be much of the same as they will show up at about 8am (as they do nearly every day) to play.  School begins again this week, so they will be back into that schedule.  I want to make sure to be ready this time for their August break.  I will have to start getting new supplies and come up with ideas about how I can make this a bit more formal, in terms of time and place, while still providing a place where they can just play.  I do not think that I should be interfering with how they play.  If they want to play the bounce the ball on the ground as many times as you can game then so be it.

No good Kenyan news go give you a scare or a laugh.  The sex strike is on and running, the flag is down at Migingo Island, and the government is still being run by two infant siblings who cannot share a ball.

Kakamega rain forest on Sunday, that means an attempt to photo wildlife.  There are some cool snakes, birds, primates and butterflies that I will try to capture.  Birds and snakes are top priority, but I will keep my distance to avoid the whole poisonous bite issue.