29 May 2009

A Day off

A day off was more needed than I thought and as a result I will not waste much time going over how I did a whole lot of nothing.  I still have to admit feeling a bit strange writing about what I do each day, however I persist and thank everyone who reads.

Tomorrow I will be in Kisumu and plan on staying there for the night to watch Chelsea in the FA cup and enjoy running water.

Had to share thanks to Carrie and CNN -

A man "angered" by Manchester United's defeat to Barcelona in the final of the Champions League killed four people when he drove a minibus into a crowd celebrating the Spanish side's victory, police in Nigeria have told CNN.

Barcelona fans celebrate in the city's Las Ramblas thoroughfare early Thursday morning.

Ten people were also injured in the incident in the town of Ogbo, where the driver was subsequently arrested, a Port Harcourt Police spokesperson said.

"He was displaying his anger at his team losing the match. The driver had passed the crowd then made a U-turn and ran into them," spokesperson Rita Inomey-Abbey said.