05 April 2009

The UN is doing something right for once...This program, if successful, can expand the already successful micro-lending that has found roots in the poorest parts of the world.

Palm Sunday
I got my Jesus fix yesterday after our evangalization and marriage, so I checked out the outdoor start to today's mass and then retreated home for the actual mass.  Everyone, with palms, gathered behind our house as Fr. Alfred processed in.  Palms waving and songs sung to greet him.  He said a short prayer and blessed the palms that lay next to him.  A bucked of holy water completed the blessing and people rushed to get a blessed palm.  He then did his blessing of the people with a palm not the silver magic wand (yes there is probably a technical term, but I do not know it).  Then it was time for mass.  Everyone walked in and I went home.  Sunday morning continues to be my favorite time and today was no different.

After mass we had lunch at the Honey Drop.  I had my now favorite sakuma wiki (spinach with beef broth) and chapatti.  Not a big meal but always filling.  I would say that it is by far my favorite 'Kenyan' dish so far.

At home we kicked back and took in all the relaxation that Sunday has to offer.  The girls were back to see us, but this time quietly colored with the crayons in the courtyard.  Both the boys and girls have loved coloring.  So anyone wanting to send something can send crayons and coloring books.  We have kids that would go crazy for some.  I do not know what this will lead to, but we seem to be slowly becoming the neighborhood place to come and play.  As long as they will do it in the courtyard I have no complaints.

Short work week, Wednesday we fly to Mombasa.  We will be there until Monday and then off to Nairobi for the rest of the week, back home the next Monday.  Specific plans are sparse:
  1. Go to Giraffe park in Nairobi
  2. Swim in the Indian Ocean
  3. See the Coral Mosques
  4. Eat out at every moment possible
  5. Take as many hot showers as humanly possible
  6. Revel in running water and all that it has to offer
Outside of that the activities will be open.  Do not worry, the computer will be in tow.  Entries may be less frequent, but I will do my best.  The internet in Mombasa is much better (3G) than here.  So I plan on taking advantage of that.