02 April 2009

Thank You

I would like start by thanking everyone for their emails and phone calls.  It is always nice to hear from home and I was a bit shocked to see my inbox full today.  In particular, I want to thank Kiirsten for invading my blog and putting up a post.  Also, a special thank you and hello to the SMPA 6th grade boys and Mr. Messina.  It was great to hear all of your voices.  You sound so much older than when I was there.  My grandfather who has been my lifeline to American sports, thanks for the call.  Finally, you for reading these words.  I appreciate all the support today and each time you come to read.

As for today:

Breakfast with the Maasai with Michael kicked things off.  There were not too many, but they greet us as we enter.  They ladies at the Honey Drop all now know me well enough to just bring me my chai and two mandazi.  Have to love being a regular.  Then it was off for work.

Today was slow because many are home planting.  Children are back from school.  The month of April is a break month here, so we will see a more busy week next week.  With the rains here and people planting crops, the flow of children is slow and often some will arrive later in the morning.  Not that it is a terrible strain to have to stay until one rather than noon.  The day concluded with our staff meeting.  The guy with the terrible handwriting (me) was stuck recording the meetings minutes.  I think that I have built a solid report with the staff.  We get along great and kid around with each other all the time.  It took awhile to learn how and when to phrase my comments because usually I am giving someone a hard time.  Often I will have to repeat myself, but I have learned to be more patient with people who cannot understand me.  I still enjoy being able to rattle off a conversation with Sue or Michael in quick English, but I do not mind a slight change of pace in diction when at work.

Then it was back to home to relax with the cat.  Now that it rains most of the afternoon and evening it is much harder to get outdoor chores done.  Also, our solar shower is suffering.  This morning I was greeted by a cold shower.  I choose to take one this morning because I figured I would rather have the coldness hit me when I am semi-awake rather than when I am tired.  Showers are a blessing and do not always make it into the day's agenda. 

Later, I met up with Sue and Jean for a late lunch at the petrol station.  Our luck was really on as the downpour for the day occurred right as we were eating.  A mist pushed into the cafe as we ate our meals.   On the way back I met up with Michael and consulted with the local carpenter named Ben who wants to make us a special chair.  He gave us the plans for it and we have to determine if we want one or need changes to be made.  Prices may not always go our way, but people will bend over back to sell us something.  Also, while I remember, we bought 4 liters of fresh honey this week.  A friend of ours named Alex, harvests honey.  As I mentioned earlier, he brought us some because they had extra at his house.

As a result we discovered that fresh honey is amazing and we are not the only ones who think so.  Therefore, a large order was placed so we could have a solid supply and sell off a bit to friends around town.  No, we are not looking to make money, but figured that it would be easy to distribute.  Worst case is that we have a lot of amazing honey.  Not bad at all.

At home we finished season one of Arrested Development and now prepare for bed.

Tomorrow - Work at the compound.

Saturday - Wedding with David (pictures will be taken in abundance)

Sunday - Palm Sunday Mass

Wednesday - Fly to Mombasa for vacation