01 April 2009

Rainy Rainy Rainy Day

It began yesterday afternoon and continued through the night.  Was still going when I woke up and went to work, took a break for the afternoon and is back as I go to bed.

The rains are here and have made their announcement in full force.  A rainy day here is not unique in a new experience sense, but unique in the fact that it almost never happens.  Our shortage of water has now be turned around to a glut.  We have buckets full and a filling rain tank.  Sadly, we have been introduced to a new bug.  I think that they are termites but I am not sure.  Basically they are flying red larvae.  The wings are a half an inch long and blow off if you make contact with a flying one.  The cat will eat them.

Speaking of which, today I went to buy some bread and salt at the shop behind our house.  As I waited for the guy to give me change, I noticed a cat perched on some of the boxes.  Upon a closer examination I realized that it was Meowmar chilling in the shop.  We did not see her yesterday or the beginning of today.  I said, "I think that is my cat."  The man laughed and handed her to me.

It is late and I started this late so I apologize for the brevity.  Goodnight.