27 April 2009

“My name is Rembe…”

is what she said, but what I heard was, “my name is Rainbow.”  Therefore the adorable girl who is no older than five that lives behind us is now called Rainbow.  Michael finally made her spell it and she said, “R-E-M-B-E, Rainbow (in her super r-rolling accent).”   Pictures to come soon.

As seen in the article I posted earlier, the government does not seem to be improving.  There are mass killings in the middle of the country and a failed coalition government.  Keep an eye out for Kenya news, things do not seem to be improving.  Fresh elections are nearly impossible, but the peace accord that formed the new government and stopped the post-election violence is coming apart in every direction.

Tonight I rest up so that I can make it a little later to watch some football with Neto tomorrow night.