07 April 2009

Mombasa Here We Come

Tomorrow we will be setting off from Mombasa.  So tomorrow’s post will be hitting you from the coast of Kenya.  Michael and I will take a matatu at noon and fly from Kisumu at 6pm to arrive at the coast at 9pm.

Work was the usual.  Then we had our monthly meeting.  I was the secretary and found the meeting much more enjoyable because I was so busy the whole time.  Maybe I will offer to be secretary for all meetings because it makes two plus hours of talking in circles fly by.

My finger from the bee sting has swelled up a bit.  This morning I could make a fist and now I can’t.  I took some more medicine and will see how it looks tomorrow.  Right now it is just itchy and large.  Do not worry the swelling will be documented and shared in due time.

Now it is time to pack and rest.