04 April 2009

Little to write (joy and beauty)

I do not want to say much about the wedding other than that I had a lot of fun.  The pictures and video should give you all a good idea of what it was like.  I would like to just point out that too often images are seen of this country with children starving and people rioting.  Much of that does happen and it is a reality, but celebrations are almost always neglected.  Life for the people here is not easy by any respect, but joy needs to be shown.  Every moment is not pain, that is not even the case for the majority of the day.

I want to do my best to show that there is as much happiness here as there is strife.  The landscape is romanticized for reasons obvious to anyone who visits.  The animals seem to have more fun than people in Kenya.  We see pictures of jumping Maasai and laugh at the differences.  In the end, in the soul, there is no difference.  Our pains may be frustration with a coworker while here it is lack of water.  However, the weight of each is felt in relative terms.  Joy is not the same.  Joy, not happiness, is the purest form of positive emotion.  The transcendent feeling that removes person from place and time.  I see in daily in the smile of a child as I shake her hand or today at the union of two people.  I have had trouble trying to describe it, but for every time I have spent talking about the beauty that surrounds me, I leave out the most beautiful part: the Kenyans.

I still struggle to grasp what I see every day, but a quarter of the way into the year I am more able than every to spot it.  This is a subject of a future reflection as I observe more and more.

Goodnight and thank you so much for reading.