12 April 2009

In List Form

  • Staying at the Twiga Lodge in Tiwi Beach.  Accommodations are basic but not a problem when paying about $12 a night.  We have beach front, a bar and decent food to eat.  Vacation is not cheap in Malava terms, but dirt cheap when compared to any other vacation I have been on.
  • Ate at Ali Barbour’s Cave restaurant.  Went big and got some sort of seafood platter.  Lobster is still good on this side of the world.  Eating inside of a cave was a nice experience but a bit fancy for my taste.
  • Speaking of caves, we did a bit of exploring yesterday and found a few pools in the coral near the beach.  The water retreats a couple hundred meters at low tide exposing the coral below (killer on the feet but thanks to my mother I have the perfect water shoes).  There are large holes that are as much as 6ft deep where the water remains.  We swam around in one and then came across one with caves.  Without any light source we did not go in too far.  However, we were able to enjoy some new birds a colony of bats.  It was living the dream Man vs Wild style.
  • Drank my first coconut ever yesterday.  I found it on the beach below a tree and cracked it open.  Then drank.  Nothing to really be jealous of, but tasted alright.
  • Mombasa is a miserably hot town and the beach here is just a hot with a relentless breeze.
  • Nairobi for a couple of days and then Aberdare National Park to stay at the Treetops Lodge (where Queen Elizabeth became Queen).