06 April 2009

Forgive me

Tonight's entry comes to you heavily medicated.  I am fine, do not worry.  I felt something in my shorts, reached down and pulled out the bothersome bug.  This is a usual occurrence.  Bugs are everywhere and seem to always find tough places to hide.  I wish I could say that I do not notice them anymore, but they are ever present and annoying.  I am amazed by the fact that a fly can land on someone here and they will not even bother to swat it.  

Unfortunately for me, the bug was a bee and it stung me right on the pinke.  Not wanting to take any chances, I took some medicine to make sure that no problems would result.  My finger swelled up a bit (now it is back to normal), but I am extremely drowsy because of the medication.  It has been a long time since I have been stung by a bee and now I remember how much it can hurt.  Do not worry, the cat sealed the fate of the bee by consuming it after I threw it to the ground.

At work, I played a bit with some of the children, but mostly spent time going over my finance records and chatting with Sue.  We were done a little after noon and then came here to hang out.  As it turns out, Michael arrived shortly after and joined in on our discussions.  Sue left, we had Swahili lessons and then made dinner.  Since vacation is rapidly approaching, we are trying to eat whatever we have that may go bad.

Nothing worth reporting and frankly my brain is about to shut off for the night very soon.