04 April 2009

Better Late than Never

Internet troubles last night prevented this post, but here you go:

The morning was the morning and I went over to the compound at around 9.  There I finished up some sawing and made a game table for the children.  That put me to 2 when the rain was threatening.  I cleaned up quickly and began to walk in my huge green poncho.  Thankfully I brought it because it began to pour after a few minutes of walking.  I did get some strange looks because I was draped in a giant green tarp, but staying dry was the goal and I was when I arrived home.

Since Fridays seem to be generally off, I have worked out that that will be the time when I will get the lion's share of my labor done.  It worked out quite well because I could work until I was done, rather than have to stop because it is getting late.  Also, we have been given the go to work on development and website work for the center.  This will surely fill in the gaps while at the center during the day.

After all the work, it was time to kick back and let the weekend start.  I did some puzzles with the boys who populate our courtyard in the afternoons and studied some Swahili while watching a movie.  All in all an uneventful good day.

Today we will be attending a wedding with David...