14 March 2009

When the rain falls, we run and hide..

It poured for an extended period this afternoon.  Cat and dog type rain is not even applicable to the downpour that beat against our home.  It happened to start as I was at the I-Max Theatre watching Man U fall to Liverpool.  Neto told me that the match was today and invited me to join in watching it.  I arrived ahead of him and walked into a dark room with a television showing the pre-game show behind bars.  I hesitated and stayed in the back, but then moved forward to find a seat amongst the wooden pews.  Someone called out to me and moved over for me to sit down.  He was not Neto, but I was not going to complain about being given a seat.  Neto showed up shortly after and sat on the other side of the aisle.  I think even before he sat he launched into his great Man U speech.  I, of course, was cheering for Liverpool because a win or tie by them would aid Chelsea.  The men in front of me asked me about who I was behind in the match and then asked me to reconsider my decision to support Liverpool. 

I always thought sport can bring a bunch of men together, but I did see it action today.  Before the match, everyone around wanted to know my opinions and who were my favorite players.  It is nice to have a conversation about sports.  I do miss that.  Neto and I get into it every day, but it is different to be in a packed room with a bunch of people yelling at a television.  There is something relaxing about this atmosphere.  For 40 bob (bob meaning only but used in place of Shillings), I watched the satellite feed of Liverpool thrashing Man U at Man U's home stadium. 

Everyone joined together in hating Man U and went crazy for each of the four Liverpool goals.  I think that I sometimes need something to root for.  Something to get behind and support for no thought or reason.  To experience joy and agony in a two hour period that is both fleeting and raw.  Packed in a hot room with no windows, we were all together watching sport.  The heat was terrible but forgotten with the action of the match before us.  Each goal was an exercise in happiness.  After a tougher week, this was the prefect remedy to all my concerns.  Tomorrow the blues will be playing and I may go and catch the match.  I will definitely continue to see matches.  Going today gave the best escape.  One that I thought I did not need, but realized had to have.

Earlier, all four of us went to Kakamega.  Michael and I split off to go to the bank and hit the MPSEA store.  When we arrived to put money on our MPESA accounts I realized that my phone had dropped out of my pocket.  That meant that I had to buy a new one and get a new sim card.  Fortunately, it is really easy to make a switch.  I retain my phone number and money on MPESA.  The only losses are the money, my phone, and numbers on it.  I bought the cheapest phone possible with the thought that if I lose it, that I would not be mad.  All in all, it was not much of an issue.  I got the phone right away and it only cost me about $30 for a new phone and card.

We sat down to a breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast.  In small portions of course, but a nice throw back to diners from home.  We did our shopping and then I met up with Jean and Sue at the pool.  I ate lunch with them and took the best matatu ride ever home.  I had a front seat and the first stop was my stop in Malava.  That meant a fast ride in the best seat.  Front seat of the matatu is great and getting home quickly was wonderful.  Then it was off to the soccer match and now back home to watch some bootleg films Michael bought.

A great day to say the least and an end to a strange week.  Tomorrow we are going to church with Angela and then over to her place for lunch.  The mass will be in English, a bonus, and is supposedly very lively.  If it lives up to Angela's hype, I am sure that I will have lots to say about it tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!

(sadly HC was crushed and is out of the NCAA tourney)  Carrie was the first to respond with a final score....many thanks