29 March 2009

Webuye Falls and Jean's Birthday

Being that it is Jean's birthday today, we made a little outing of the day.  Jean, Sue and I all went to Webuye falls to see some waterfalls and then met up in town with Michael for lunch.

We had been told that the falls were a worthwhile trip.  Jean wanted to go for her birthday and Sue and I obliged her request.  At about 10:30, we set off on a matatu heading north to Webuye.  I had only been as far as the Malava forest before, so it was nice to take a trip further up country and see what the rest of the Western Province has to offer.  One difference is the quality of roads.  Once we hit a T, we turned unto a smooth road with not only lines to mark the middle, but solid lines on the sides.  The matatu clipped along at a solid 80kph to Webuye.

In town we hired a bodaboda (bike taxi) for each of us.  A great idea because it saved us a lot of time, which we learned when we tried to walk back and it took an hour.  Riding on the back of a bike is strange and it took me a few minutes to get used to the idea that it was in fact a taxi.  I was not concerned about falling, but it was strange to be on the back of bicycle.  I could have rode a pickypicky (motorcycle) but decided against it due to the price.

We were left off at the bottom of a hill.  DSCF0013The men said to walk up and follow the path to the falls.  Unfortunately, the top had a fork and we did not know if we should take it.  As we approached the fork, Jean turned and said, "It's there."  I followed her finger and saw what is pictured beside.  The falls were straight ahead, but required a bit of work to make the descent to the base and the climb to the top.  I figured that since a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, that the obvious thing to do would be to walk straight at the falls.



It turns out that it was a steep decent to make it to the foot of the falls, but a bit of sliding and jumping helped us make it down.  We hoped to cross the middle and make it to the right half, but were unable to find a passable route over the water.  We continued upwards and to the left of the falls with the goal of finding a set of rocks or a narrow stretch of water.  DSCF0029We found no such part, but did make it to a smaller section of the falls with a grassy field (as seen on the left).  Being that it was a hot day and that the water was running swiftly due to rushing water above and below, we jumped in for a dip.  I am not sure if this was the smartest decision I have made in Kenya thus far, but it sure was nice to go for a swim.  Summer for the past three months and I have only seen a swimming pool.  It is just not right to waste an opportunity to go for a swim when the temperature is as hot as it was today.  I was emboldened by the rushing water, but I still know that there could have been bacteria or whatever swimming around with me.  Time will reveal the prudence of this decision.

We dried off, hung out with some cows and children and then walked back to town.  Then it was time to lunch to be enjoyed while it was raining.  So far, I am never disappointed to see rain.  In fact it makes me happy whenever it rains.  Our rain tank went empty again this morning, a little rain today has restored it to working order, but we are far from in good shape.  The drought continues and rain is a necessity.


DSCF0008Michael cooking on our grill when we had no gas.

Hamburgers, green peppers and onions.

DSCF0039Picture taken of the side of a building in Webuye, I think it is a funny picture.  Harry Potter graduates from Hogwarts and rides his pen home.