08 March 2009

Sunday with Sue

Not too much to report.  Today is Sunday and it is always the least eventful day.  That does not mean that it cannot be a good day.  Since it was our turn for Sunday brunch, I spent the morning preparing for sausage and peppers.  I thawed the sausage overnight and then grilled them on our grill.  Peppers and onions were fried, all combined, water added and set in a pot over the grill.  When Michael and Jean came back from church it was just about ready to go.  After eating, Jean had to go back to do a bit of laundry and Sue hung around with the two of us.  We sat around and listened to some Motown and 90's hits while discussing the politics of Kenya and our upcoming vacation.

As I said yesterday, my confidence is low in the long term stability of this country.  This was made worse by the fact that the Prime Minister has said that we are headed to a "failed state."   Also, news has hit the United States papers about the death of two human rights activists on Thursday.  There is an article about it in the Washington Post today.  To make clear again, I fear for stability not for safety.  This is a town where we have plenty of friends and an area where I would never feel in any sort of danger.  This will be a tense period for the next few months.  Daily life remains unchanged.  If you look in Malava, you would not find anything different from two months ago.  People here are not protesting or expressing any sort of reason to be concerned.  However, in conversation, any person will tell you about his or her dismay over one or all of the various scandals that have rocked the nation this year.