10 March 2009

Speed SJC

I believe that yesterday was a test of patience.  Today was a test of endurance.  A strong flow of clients today kept the center very busy until 1pm.  This is the first time we have worked straight until one all year.  There was no break in the clients.  The start was slow, but by 9:30 it took off and did not stop until the day ended.  This meant that I was easily able to fill my time playing with a bunch of children.  I like things better when they are busy at the SJC.  I can still get my daily work done and then kick around the soccer ball with one of the boys or girls.  Days like today are what tend to make a slow week forgotten.  I have enjoyed playing and being with the kids the most, but have not always had the opportunity.  I look forward to more days like today.  I would be happy if we had one busy day a week, that would help out a lot.

Sue went over to paint at the orphanage, but I decided to stay home.  I woke up this morning and did not feel great.  This has happened before, particularly with my stomach, but it has always subsided.  At work I began to feel better as the day grew on, but still not all the way there.  I am not going to guess what may or may not be wrong.  Certainly Sue getting malaria last week has the thought of getting that weigh on my mind, but I figured that the best decision would be to take it easy back at home and make sure that all is well.  It is strange to be so concerned with health when I usually do not think much about it at home.  If I am not feeling well, I will let my body do the work and sit it out.  Here I am not afforded such a luxury.  Any strange feeling has to be taken seriously.  I cant and wont go to the hospital every time I do not feel well, but I have to pay closer attention to how I feel.  Flu like symptoms could mean malaria.  Because of this, I am probably more prone to thinking every problem is serious.  Do not worry, the sisters take good care of us and I have no problem admitting the need to see a doctor.

Maybe it is my concern for Chelsea who plays in the second leg of the Champions League tonight against Juventus.  Neto and I have been going back and forth for the past two days about the elimination of each others team.  He has promised to bring me asprin tomorrow to cure my headache after a loss and I offered my handkerchief for his tears on Thursday after the elimination of Man U.