09 March 2009


A slow slow slow slow slow slow day today at the SJC.  Last Monday was slow, but today was a whole different level of slowness.  There was a time at around 10am that it looked as if we were done, but the slow stream continued.  Again at 11:30, the day appeared to be over and we were all sitting having tea.  Just as everyone was sitting together, two more came in.  Then one more for good measure.  We had enough clients that it would have been considered a mild day, but the spread made things super slow.  Thankfully, Sue was back in action from her 'malarial boredom' and was there to endure the pace with me.  I forgot how much better the day can go by when Sue is sitting next to me working or staring at the walls.  It helps to have someone to talk to when things drag.  Neto is a good resource, but it is tough when I have to speak slowly and keep the conversation at a surface level.  With Sue I can rattle on about anything at any speed.  I think that sometimes I speak as quickly as possible just to make up for the slowness of my speech in during the rest of the day. 

To make matters worse, it is very hot today.  With pants and long sleeves inside a building with no roof, the sweat will stream down my arms.  Rolled up sleeves only act to make me think that I am cooler.  There is no beating the heat, no air conditioning to escape to, the heat is here to be dealt with.  As if it was not enough that we are short on water and the dust is back with a vengeance, the sun has blessed us with oppressive heat.  Thank you.

We were visited by a German woman who, with her husband, works at the Sabbatia Eye Clinic near Kakamega.  She came to check out the SJC and see some of the physical therapy.  I believe she is a therapist, but I am not entirely sure.  I know her husband is an eye surgeon, they are from southern Germany, and are half way done a four year contract with a German based Christian organization that focuses on eye care.  Guests are always a welcome treat.  Sue and I learned about some places to go and see on our vacation and a retreat house in Kakamega. 

As is par for the course, last night was a terrible sleep.  Sunday is always my worst nights sleep with Saturday the best.  I think the Meflaqine has a little to do with it, but it always seems to happen that I have a lot on my mind on Sunday's.  It is as if all of the weeks thoughts finally erupt into one single day, or really night, and I am consumed with the thoughts for the day.  Not always serious, but unwilling to leave me until Monday.  With my mind racing, vivid dreams from medication, and kamikaze beetles, sleeping does not seem to be an option.  However, by Saturday I sleep through the night and do not notice a sound.  I think that is why I enjoy Sunday so much.  I have a great sleep and wake up to my favorite morning of the whole week.

It looks as if we have semi-firmed up plans for our April vacation.  Michael and I have opted for a two legged approach with the coast and Nairobi.  We will be leaving on Holy Thursday, arrive in Mombasa on Friday, stay till Monday and go to Nairobi for the remainder of the week.  The trip is completed with a weekend retreat in Nairobi with Sister Jane.  The girls have opted to stay at the coast a move north  of Mombasa for a few days while we patrol the streets of Nairobi.  There are no firm plans outside of destinations.  I am sure that between the beaches and parks we will keep busy.


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