20 March 2009

Pirates and Masaai

Sue and I went to grab a meal at the Honey Drop and ended up sitting with two of the Masaai.  The place was crowded and we had no choice but to sit with the two.  It was a slightly awkward meal, but an experience to say the least.  I think she will be writing about it soon, so I will leave the descriptions to her blog.

We hung around for a bit and then shot into Kakamega to meet up with Michael and Jean.  They were changing their bus tickets and we were going for the food and the movies.  After the success of Michael's two films, I wanted to gather a few more pirated movies from Kakamega.  It turned out to be a resounding success.  For $15 USD I now own over 60 new films.  They include 28 007 movies and all the Rockys.  Of course a stop for a chicken and chips lunch was necessary.  We bought a few items at the store and shuttled home to watch our new movies.  Once home, we put on a movie, put up our feet, and relaxed.

Dinner was a PB&J sandwich because we are still without means to cook.  I will check on gas tomorrow and fill the tank if possible.  Since we cannot boil the water, I brought out my SteriPen and treated the filtered water.  Hopefully it will take care of whatever bacteria that may have been in the water.  We were running very short on water (down to about 2L) and needed to prepare water for drinking.

I was surprised by a phone call from Sr. Sissy.  It was nice to have a chat to someone stateside.  Despite writing this daily, I forget that people know what is going on here.  I am always confused when someone will reference an event mentioned here, but not elsewhere.  I guess I still manage to detach myself from the public aspect of this when I write about my day and my various reflections.

The weekend should be busy with home projects and other various tasks.  Not too much to report for today overall.  Happy weekend!