16 March 2009

Pickles Away Before St. Patty's Day

I am going to skip the work part of today, because it was not much different than any other day.  Sat with Sue and chatted while the babies were being seen by Angela and David.  However, I will note that I had good fun teasing Neto throughout the day because of his teams loss.  We shared a laugh when we read in the paper that people took to the streets in Mombasa to celebrate the loss of Man U.  Needless to say, it was a big win for Liverpool and Chelsea.  It must have been like in Boston any time the Yankees lose.  I swear the Red Sox fans get more joy out of a Yankee loss than a Sox win, but that is my theory.

When I got home it was time for serious work.  I began by washing my corned beef.  It had been sitting for over a week and was ready for tomorrow.  I set it to boil and then began my next project: making pickles.  We now have cucumbers and with my pickling of meat I wanted to try them out.  I bought a large one, found a clean glass and looked up a recipe online.  Right now cucumbers sit in a jar in our fridge pickling away.  We did not have dill, so I had to make do with our spices.  If they turn out to be decent, I will buy dill the next time I am in Kakamega and continue my pickle experiments.  I tended to the corned beef, added more water and a glass of Guinness and waited.  As it cooked I managed to wash the dishes and peel all of our carrots.  Tomorrow I will make a stew with carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions, corned beef and of course Guinness.  By the time I was done all this, it was time for our lesson.  I turned the stove down, learned some Swahili and checked the meat.

After tasting it, I can say that I have produced a decent corned beef.  I would like to try again with a slightly altered brine, but I consider this to be a solid first attempt.  It was very easy to make and since I control the flavor, tastes the way that I want. 

Tomorrow will probably yield a late blog, due to the guests and festivities.  Be patient, for I will reveal all the great things that will take place tomorrow.