12 March 2009

An Official Ex-pat

Working permits have come through and have been handed over today.  This means that I am now a resident of Kenya.  Most importantly, it means that I can enjoy resident prices for parks and hotels and I have permission to stay in the country until March of next year.  Not that I plan on staying until next March, but it is nice to have a big cushion after the end of the year.  With the discounts, we can save a lot of money on our trip to the coast in April.  That makes one minor concern disappear.  I was always confident that the permits would come through, but now I do not have to worry about dealing with immigration for the rest of my stay.

Today was a quick and short day at the SJC.  We were gathered, drinking tea and having out weekly staff meeting just shy of noon.  After fifteen minutes Sue and I were out of the building.  The longest day was followed by the shortest, very strange.  Not that I did not have time to examine the walls around me, today was a significant improvement.  Sometimes a little rest and a better sleep can take care of some tension.  Still not happy per say, but in better spirits for certain.  With a Man U victory last night, Neto and David were riding high to overcome staying up so late for the match.  There is another match this weekend and I hope that I can finally go and watch it with Neto.  He asked if I was stirred by the shouting and chanting after the victorious effort by Rooney and Co.  Fortunately, I slept right through it. 

Tomorrow is another day off, so I will be attacking the market nice and early with Sue.  A stop by the Honey Drop will of course be in order.  Four days weeks are the best.  Next week will be another with a meeting on Tuesday.  At some point in the day I will be meeting with Sr. Phyllis to have a check in.  She called today asking to meet with each of us individually to do a check up.  Either great timing or my post yesterday got things stirring a bit.  I look forward to a one on one meeting with Phyllis.  I have enjoyed talking to her on many occasions and I believe a private meeting is personally needed.  In our meetings as a group things have been well, but it is always hard to discuss personal issues with a group that may or may not be at all affected.

Good Stuff (gotta get back to telling positive stuff)

  • Weekly 'breakfast with the Maasai' today.  Same day as last week, and I will keep going early on Thursdays if it means having breakfast side by side with warriors.DSCF0008
  • Went to Tumiani to do some painting at the school with Sue.  Watched Michael and Jean teach.  Got to read to Michael's class, watch them perform and then hear them sing when the teacher did not show up.
  • Michael and I would smear paint on the children gathered round to watch us paint.  It was entertaining to give them a good scare and catch a few with some paint across the forehead.  It became a test of wills to see who could sneak up on either of us and not get painted on.
  • March Madness is about to begin!
  • Baseball season starts soon.
  • Patty's Day in five days.
  • It keeps raining more and more each day....the rainy season is almost here. 


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