25 March 2009

Malaria: Day 3

I have been improving slightly over the past three days with the medication I have been taking.  The morning is still tough and the evening is not too much better.  However, mid-day today was a great improvement from yesterday.  I did my morning mumbo jumbo and went to work.  Hung around with Neto and Sue until about 11 when I was starting to feel weak again.  I was nauseous most of the morning, but fought through it because sitting at the SJC was not much different than watching a movie at home.

At home I watched a few movies, did some reading and made myself lunch.  This malaria thing has not been a bad deal so far.  I have been able to leave work when I want and enjoy my new movies at home.  I think by tomorrow I should be able to handle a full day of work.  I will continue to do as much as possible each day being mindful of my limits.  I am not going to walk all over the place in the sun, but I will go to work as long as I can handle it.  I have been drinking water like a horse and that has been as giant help.

Tomorrow night, the sisters will be hosting a birthday for myself and Jean.  In one more week I will be entering the 'year of Tino' with my 24th birthday.  Jean turns 23 on Sunday.

Entries have been a bit short, but here has not been anything worth reporting.  I have even refrained from any sort of significant thought to preserve energy.  If you know me well, that is how I spend the majority of my waking efforts.

Opening day is in nearly a week!