24 March 2009

Malaria: Day 2

I went to bed last night feeling a bit groggy and woke up this morning in a hazy state.  I went about my usual morning routine, polepole.  I decided to walk over to work, catch up on yesterday's expenses, and then return home to relax.  I am not good at the whole housebound thing, so I had to feel like I did something this morning.  As it so happens, the morning and the night are when I feel the worst.  Mid-day I feel slightly sick, but alright.  The start and end of the day is just an over chlorinated swimming pool.

I walked over to work and waited around talking with Neto.  Shot into the office, checked the money and changed my spreadsheets and chatted more with Neto.  Sue arrived with a package in hand and a sheet to retrieve more.  Done with work, I went off to get my two packages.  As it turns out, all three were from my Aunt Rose and Grandfather.  They were mailed on March 11th and arrived here yesterday.  This means that packages can make it in less than two weeks.  It is important to note that they were padded envelopes and not boxes.  Boxes seem to be much slower.  In addition, I was not charged any customs fees.  For all interested parties, I will give you what my Grandfather did.

The Postmaster at Thorton, the closest p.o. told me to fill out the custom declarations with the following two words  "media" and
"snacks". He told me that these packages go directly from Thornton to JFK Airport. They are aware of what happens overseas so that you should be as vague as possible in the description.

It was a nice surprised to get some movies, magazines and chocolates when I had to stay home sick.  Needless to say, I was beyond pumped and it made the day go by much better.  Many thanks to Poppy and Rose.

For the day, I sat back and watched more Denzel.  I would say that overall, I feel about the same as yesterday.  I started to get a bit dizzy when I was walking home from town and knew that it was a good idea to stay reclined for the rest of the day.

Malaria is some strange condition that does not seem to be entirely here, but has no intention of allowing me to forget that it is within me.  I hope to start to feel improvements tomorrow.  I plan on going into work early again, if possible.  I hate staying home sick from work.  I am also aware that I must stay and relax, but I am too stubborn to just sit around for the whole day.