23 March 2009


Yes it is true and not a joke and I am fine.  It is the reason I did not have a post for yesterday (first time all trip). 

Yesterday morning I got onto my usual Sunday routine.  I cleaned and began to cook the ribs that were to be for dinner.  Since we have no oven, I had to start early to boil them.  I made a quick egg breakfast and began to boil at around 9am.  I continued for 4 hours and then threw around the tennis ball with some of the boys.  It felt great to be in the sun tossing around a ball like it was summer baseball.  Tired from the sun and running around, I retreated into the house to watch a movie with Michael, Sue and the boys.  We watched Shrek 2 and 3 as I rested in the chair.  I felt a bit tired, but that was natural due to the running around and sun.  At 4pm it was time to grill the ribs that had been marinating in my bbq sauce.  Another hour of cooking and the ribs were all done.  After finishing I was hit by a wave of nausea and exhaustion.  I sat down for a bit because I started to feel as if I might get sick.  After a few minutes, I moved to a reclined position.  I began to feel better and soon attempted to walk around.  No good.  Again I felt very sick and more tired.  I thought of going to bed right away, despite being before 6pm and skipping a shower.  Instead, I opted for the shower, but shortly after I gave up and went to bed.

I was in bed at around 6pm and had chills as I fell asleep.  I woke up a few times feeling very hot, but returned to my dreams quickly.  The sleep was good and when I woke up at about 7am this morning I was feeling a little better.  I was still groggy, but that has occurred before.  Since I only ate eggs yesterday, I forced myself to sit down for a 'big' breakfast.  I shoveled down one and a half mandazis at the honey drop when I was only hungry for a few bites.  At work, I still felt a bit off and decided to take a trip to the hospital to sort out this mess.

Sue gave me directions and I went up to wait.  After twenty minutes of waiting, I got a call from Sr Joy.  She told me to go to the maternity ward and look for a Dr. friend of hers.  I did as ordered and was seen immediately.  He listened to my symptoms and took me to get a blood smear.  Twenty minutes later I was told that I had malaria.  I was given meds and went home.  For the afternoon I have been watching Denzel Washington movies and laying on the couch.  I forced myself to have lunch and dinner because I need food to take the medicine, but I have no appetite.  As for the sickness, it feels like a cross between the flu, mono and a hangover.  My body has minor aches, head cloudy, stomach blah, and everything just a bit strange.  It is very different, but not terrible.  I hope to have kicked this bug in a few days.  The good and bad thing is that the drugs to beat malaria are strong, so they will do a number on me and the virus.  Fortunately, I will be fine but the malaria will not do so well.

Do not worry, I am fine and will be fine.