27 March 2009

Heat, Meetings and Mistakes

It was hot today and it just increases with each day.  There is no point in ever checking the weather here.  The morning is comfortable as the sun is rising.  You can wear shorts and a hoodie and feel relaxed making your way around.  Once the sun hits, the heat begins.  Like a slow building ant hill, the heat grows.  One moment there are a few specks of dirt around a hole, look away and then a hill.  Get on with things and the hill has grown to a mound with a colony running about collecting dirt and food to grow the nest.  That is the heat.  By mid-day it was hot everywhere.  My house has been a usual escape, but did not provide much aid.  Shade is always a good thing, but dead air on a clear blistering day can be brutal.  I am convinced more and more that the rainy season is really a misnomer for the sunny season.  It continues to get hotter without any promise of relenting.  I want to start with this because it frames my day and informs the way that I viewed everything that transpired.

With a parent meeting on the docket, I had my best commute of the year: the house in my backyard.  I waited around until Neto showed up and then began to bring over all the supplies that had been piled into the house yesterday.  The parents arrived, Grace kicked things off, I introduced myself and the meeting went on.  I did not pay much attention because it was conducted in Swahili.  It gave me a good chance to read some of the New Yorker and Sports Illustrated.  Tea break meant that it was time for Sue and I to spring into action and take down registration.  After the flurry and a few cups of chai, we retreated to my house to escape the hot building and spare ourselves from hearing a lecture about Malaria in a language we did not understand.  Jean came back, the meeting ended, packed up, unpacked at the center and cruised the market.

I returned home to hang out and got a phone call at about 3 from Judi asking me to come over to the house.  The work I did yesterday had a problem.  It turned out that I entered a set of the data in the wrong account.  I made the correction by changing the heading on each of the individual entries, then double checked to make sure that I was really done.  By the way, I had to walk back and forth in the heat.  It actually was not all that bad, but left me in want of liquid.  Shortly after I arrived home and hydrated, Michael arrived.  We went up to have come chicken at the petrol station for dinner and returned home to watch Bond movies.

So, as I leave you tonight we begin Casino Royal. Goodnight.