13 March 2009

Fridays with Sue

I used the same title for Sunday, but today was really a Sue-filled day.  In the morning she gave me a call to confirm a trip to good old Honey Drop.  She got to meet Honey Drop girl (she wore a dress the other day so I assume is not a girl despite the fact that some parents will put dresses on boys).  We watched a little morning news, some CNN and relaxed on our day off. 

Phyllis called and we had a very productive chat at 9:30.  It was good to be able to express all my frustrations.  It was helpful to talk with an outside person who could offer advice from a different point of view.  Talking things over has made me feel a lot better.  It looks like some things may be changing that will make things better.  I will not say too much because things have to make their way up the chain and there is still much to go over, but I am in a far better mood than I was on Wednesday. 

Sue and I continued to hang out for the afternoon, read the paper, discussed Aprils trip and our upcoming birthdays.  Then it was time to head over for chicken and chapatti.  Sadly, there was no chapatti to have.  So ugali it was.  Now, I am winding down and preparing for dinner.  It keeps getting darker and darker at an earlier hour each day, but not much rain.  The rainy season is supposed to have already started, but Michael and I have our doubts concerning this whole season of raining thing.

Tomorrow will be big day in Kakamega.  We will do a bit of shopping, see the bigger market and maybe go to the pool.  March is flying by and according to Michael we have broken the 20% done threshold.  I still feel as we just got here, so I don't think that doing this four more time should be too much of a problem. 

Sleep continues to be a minor issue.  I did discover that my net had fallen down and was not preventing bugs from entering my bedroom.  Most of my problem has been due to larger bugs flying in the window and battering themselves into the walls.  With that problem fixed today, I think tonight should be a good sleep.  Fortunately, the weekend is when I get my best sleep.  It is also when I stay up the latest, so my problem could also be resting in going to bed too early.  Last night I was up to eleven and there was an improvement from the previous few nights.  A bad nights sleep can catch up to you quickly in this heat.

Don't forget that HC is playing today for a birth into the big dance!  Go Saders!