06 March 2009

"Zungu! Enda!"

My Swahili lessons are beginning to work.  Proof was today when the word for to go (enda) was used by a few people.  The first instance, was when I saw one of my children.  The Honey Drop boy who cries whenever I wave, but taunts me when I do not look, began his usual "zungu, zungu" calling as I was stopped outside answering a text from Michael.  I looked over and tears followed.  When I returned to my phone he began to declare, "Zungu! Enda!"  Not what you would call polite, but I knew what he was telling me.  IDSCF0008   grabbed my camera out of my bag and took a picture of him hiding with the another girl from the Honey Drop.  Suddenly he lit up at the sight of the camera and began to smile.  He called and called for me to take pictures and of course I obliged the request with the two photos that you see.  Unfortunately, DSCF0009I cannot get too close to him because he will start to cry.  I was perplexed by the sudden change of  attitude.  I pocketed my camera with the hope that I had finally found my in with him.  No.  He went right back to yelling, "Enda!"  I got the idea and left.  He is a funny little kid.  My beard is starting to come in again, maybe that gives them a bit of a scare.

I went to the market, picked up a few cheap t-shirts to wear on the weekends and forest excursions, and was elated to see that there were green beans.  They were expensive and I do not really like them much, but the opportunity to have a new vegetable was too hard to pass.  Sue came by, we hung out for a bit and journeyed back to the market when Michael and Sue returned from work.  We then had an appointment for lunch with Ismial (sp?), the foreman at the compound.  He is responsible for the crops and livestock.  He invited us in, gave us sodas and a filling meal of fried eggs and ugali.  Only my second time eating the traditional staple, I found it to be a good supplement to salty eggs.  We met his grandfather, chatted a bit longer and went on our way home. 

Fridays always seem to be the best day of the week, but by far the most tiring.  I think it is the week catching up with us.  No matter what I do, I cannot ever get to full strength.  I think that I will always be stuck just below full energy.  A combination of the heat, poor sleep, diet and elevation can all share the blame.  Adjusting to the lifestyle here has not been always smooth.  I have found myself most content with a weekend that is very low key.  I do not feel that I do that much in terms of work, but I am in need of serious rest by Saturday.  It is also a good time to get on some good projects.  Our rain tank is now empty, so all water has to come from the well.  This means more trips back and forth to have water for showers, dishes, toilet, cooking and drinking.  Water consumes my thoughts at just about all times during the day.  I will eventually start to have dreams about water it is so bad.  We need it badly here.  Not just for ease, but for the fact that we need it for nourishment.