21 March 2009

And so we paint...

Sue, Michael and I headed over to the orphanage to do some painting.  We threw down some primer and painted along for the afternoon.  It was cathartic to do some mindless physical labor that was extremely simple.  Before and after, Michael and I watched some of our new movies.  A few of the boys who hang around here stood at the window to watch along.  We had no problem because they did not talk and they stayed outside.

After all this, we had an early dinner prepared by Jean and Sue.  They cooked us a steak pizza that hit the spot.  There really was not much to today.  I think that I have truly settled into my weekend routine.  I do not feel the need to have big plans or great adventures.  Housework has been set aside for relaxation and painting.

I am late and short today, but this will have to do.