01 March 2009

And so it begins...(I hope)

Rain is here as I write and hopefully it is the start of the rainy season.  I think I said before that it looked like it might be starting soon, but today could be opening day.  It has been dry all week and rain has been needed.  We had to add rope to the well because the water has been getting so low.  I dropped a rock to check how deep it was, and it sounded as if there was still a lot of water left.  Fortunately, we should be set for the week.  If the rains are really here, then water will not be a concern for a long time.  So far the electricity is holding up, but keep your fingers crossed.  This will be our first big test.

Sunday was our traditional brunch.  I woke up at my customary 7am and did my Sunday morning chores: cleaned up the house, burned the trash, and did the dishes.  Each time seems to be more fun than the previous.  I am honest in saying that I like doing the dishes.  With the music on in the background, I just work away.  I walked around town to look for my journal.  I had it yesterday but it seems that I have lost it.  I retraced the morning when I remembered having it and turned up empty handed.  I still have my older and more valuable one with some blank pages.  That should hold me over for the rest of the month.  The one I lost has my address on it for Malava, so I am still holding out that it may be in the mail some time this week. 

After reading the newspaper, Michael and I walked over for brunch with the girls.  Jean and Sue prepared so very well cooked Kenyan dishes.  The banana stew was particularly good.  Sue told me how to make it and I plan on attempting to replicate it soon.  We checked out some possible countries to visit in April, and had a civil philosophical argument (we meaning Jean and I).  I will never turn down a chance to argue about any topic.  As long as it can stay civil, I am game.

The rain started to drizzle as we finished up talking.  Michael and I departed in the hopes of staying as dry as possible.  As it turns out, the rain steadily increased as we neared home, but did not reach cat and dog level until we were safely under cover.

Pray for rain!