28 February 2009

Up Close and Personal with Baboons

 DSCF0011The major part of today was spent back in the Malava forest to hunt for more baboons.  We were in luck when we came upon one sitting at the side of the road having lunch.  He did not seem to have a problem with us we took pictures less than fifty feet away.  He ate along happily as we took a few pictures.  Up ahead a group of children were walking towards us.  The baboon leapt up and dashed around the children, then made a charge.  The kids ran but a few brave boys threw rocks at it.  The first rock was a strike and the baboon did not want any more of children.DSCF0013  We continued on our way and with machete in hand I chopped away in the lead.  Michael stood a bit back to prevent an accident with my back swing.  Camera ready to take pictures of the monkeys above.  We tracked some of the black and white colobus monkeys for awhile.  There were a lot of spider webs as I cut DSCF0019through the brush but thankfully none in sight.  And before anyone sends me a message or email about ticks, I was well protected before I went in and I took a thorough shower once I got home.  All the walking and chopping took a toll and I am now exhausted.

Thankfully, we are going to put to use our brand new grill.  We finally found a place to sell us some wire to make the grill top.  Yesterday, Michael caught some luck and a man said DSCF0002he could sell us some fencing wire.  At home, I fashioned the top using my leatherman.  Can someone get me a leatherman sponsorship?  I can attest to its use for sawing, cutting wire and bending wire for a grill, and cutting meat.  It is a great thing to have over here.  Back to the important part.  The grill is ready to go on our first batch of meat.  We have boiled it first and will grill it on the outside to give it a nice seal.  Cook up a bit of rice with onions and green peppers.  Maybe some cheese and we are ready to chow down.

In the morning, Michael and I went to have breakfast at the Honey Drop Hotel.  It is where we get our biscuits, chapatti, and mandazi.  For 30 KSH, that is less than 50 cents, I had two mandazi and two cups of chai.  As if the deal could not get any better, the place had a tv.  "What was on?" you ask.  Why it was a dubbed Kung-Fu movie.  So for breakfast we at well on the cheap and enjoyed Kung-Fu.  In addition, I got to read today's paper for free and was entertained by an infant who was terrified of the two of us.  His mother teased him about it and at one point, when he was begging for his milk, placed the milk on our table.  The boy cried and cried and would not come any closer to us.  I was kind enough to pass it to the table behind us, but that was still too close to the scary white men.  This went on for a few minutes.  He would peer out to see if the bottle had moved any closer to him and then ran away when one of us would look at him.  Most of the place was laughing at the boy as he declared his fear of us.  Finally, he got his bottle with his mother brought it over to him.



Funniest quote so far -

"That tree is enchanted and I would know because I have read Harry Potter!"

- Michael Durkin when I pointed out a strange looking tree that resembled a billowing smoke stack as the wind gently pushes it askew and tapers off with height.