21 February 2009

Super Saturday

What was originally planed as an action packed day has been reduced to a day of cleaning, BBC and Chelsea.  Last night we relaxed outside under the canopy of night with a fire of trash and whatever wood we could find.  It was refreshing to have a night of complete relaxation that did not require a movie or book.  We made a late night exploration to find out what building is always playing music so loudly at night.  Near the SJC a home that is dimly lit plays music well past midnight.  We thought that it was going to be a bar, but there was little sign of life coming from the home save the music.  Disappointed, we made the longer walk back along the dirt road with the light of my headlamp and the stars.  No moon, must have been a new moon because there was not a single cloud.

I arose at my traditional 7am, even on a weekend, and did the routine of boiling water, filling shower bag and playing with cat.  It becomes more and more fun to do these same activities each morning.  I can turn everything off for an hour each morning and not think.  Too often I am stuck with just my own thoughts and I need a rest that involves my eyes being open.  I had my coffee, paper and BBC to catch up on the news of the week.  Swahili studies resumed for a bit.  I fixed our rain tank device so that it will no longer leak, did some minor cleaning while Michael washed the floors, and began preparing for tomorrow's meal.  I peeled and cut what I can only estimate to be at least 10 pounds of carrots and potatoes.  In terms of time, it took me between 2 and 3 hours and I still have more potatoes left.  Michael chopped peppers and onions.  Tomorrow morning will be a full on catering service.  We are cooking for 25 and boiling takes forever at this altitude.

Sadly, Neto called me and said that the Chelsea game would not be televised due to a problem with the tv service.  I was left to listening to a discussion on Darwin and finally the second half of the match.  Chelsea won 1-0 to move back into 3rd place, but catching Man U seems to be nearly impossible.  It has been a slow day but a nice one.  The sun was out in full force to make it much easier to stay about the house.  Tonight I will probably toss on a movie and make sure to get to bed a little early.