08 February 2009

Sunday With William

Tom, William, Michael

After mass, our friend William had Michael, Jean and myself over to his house for lunch.  Sue could not make it due to an injury she sustained while offloading a matatu in Kakamega.  Pictured to the right is the three of us after eating our meal.  I should note that William is standing on a rock to make up for a little bit of height when standing between the white twin towers (Robinson and Duncan who?). Jean in front of William's Home

William lives past the market behind the shops about 250 yards past the end of the market.  He brought us into his home where he lives with his mother.  She was away for the afternoon meeting with his brother who lives in Uganda.  William was kind enough to cook us a meal.  When we agreed to visit, Michael and I were under the impression that it would be a quick stop for some tea and maybe a snack.   When we arrived, William said he hoped we liked "Irish potatoes" with some vegetables, rice and meat.  Not wanting to be rude (or pass up a free meal) we kindly obliged our host.  He bustled about the home to prepare for the meal.  We me chatted together as he peeled the potatoes by hand, separated the rice, and cut the onions.  After two hours we dug in to our first truly Kenyan meal.  I was very cautious about what we were eating despite the strong aroma.  The first bite of the meal sent me into shock.  It was delicious.  The sauce was a perfect addition to the rice and potatoes which are in fact complimentary.  The three of us wolfed down what was in our bowls and sat pleased with a fine lunch.   Not only did we get a full meal, but it was well cooked and great.  He used no spices, which have become our best friends in cooking, to make the meal.

Michael As I mentioned, the affair ended with some pictures.  As you can see we took some group shots and individuals.  It was a full on modeling session.  William not only insisted that we take pictures alone, but that we take them in different places with appropriate poses for where we are places.  Michael is front of William's neighbor's house,  Jean is at the windows on William's home, I am next to his home standing near what I can only describe as a make-shift chicken coop.

For the afternoon we are just relaxing and will continue to do so with a full meal in our stomachs.  Then it will be the next film on our countdown: 12 Angry Men

Michael did the math and as of today we are slightly more than 10% done.  That seems like a lot consider that it feels like we have only bee here for a few days.

Enjoy your Sunday.William