14 February 2009

A Silly Holiday...

It is everyone's favorite day of the year.  Do not worry, it is celebrated in Kenya.  Some girls stopped by to wish me a happy v day just a few moments ago.  The newspaper even has a special section for today and there are op-ed pieces about all the flowers that are sold in Nairobi today.

The weekend has arrived and what a pleasant arrival.  Today has been nothing but full relaxation.  This morning I woke up at about 7am to use the bathroom and then Meowmar joined me in bed for a bit (slept on my neck as I lay on my back in a amused-uncomfortable state).  I got up about 30 min later, washed the dishes, got bathroom water, sort of cleaned the toilet, filled the shower, retrieved water from the well and then sat down to enjoy the BBC, coffee and a mendazi from Sue.  The list seems busy, but I have found the house work to be cathartic.  It is time when I can do work around the house and alone enjoy the morning and my thoughts.  The newspaper man came by because I am his best customer. 

Around noon, Michael and I traveled around Malava in search of a grill.  We want to get some fencing to make our own charcoal grill.  Sadly, despite an abundance of fencing all over town, nobody could sell us any.  However, our trip was not entirely unsuccessful.  We bought some chapaiti, made friends with the guy who wears a NJ Devils cap, and learned of a supermarket with cold drinks.  Some places will tell you that they have a cold soda.  When you get the soda it is just below room temperature.  For the remainder of the afternoon, I have been reading, playing the harmonica and enjoying the weather as Michael has been sleeping.  I feel very at home here in the house.  I have made a few friends around town, particularly with the shop owners, and developed a solid daily routine.

Tonight we will continue to watch our movies during dinner that as of now will involve potatoes.  Last night we watched Spartacus and had a Kenyan beer tasting.  Based on what we got, my ranking is as follows:

  1. Allsops - Light, enjoyable, some flavor, easy to drink
  2. Pilsner - A lager, not as the name suggests, but just a nose behind Allsops
  3. Guiness - watered down real Guiness that is produced in Kenya by the Kenyan Brewing Company.
  4. Tusker - A good version of Bud Light
  5. Presidente - Tastes like beerish-champagne

We had White Cap last week and I would rank that at about number 4 ahead of Tusker.  The Guiness was a disappointment, but I knew going in that it was not the real deal.

Bugs just keep getting worse.  It becomes less and less fun to sit outside as night approaches.  Even now at 5pm with the sun shining and now clouds, the bugs have become more and more irritating.  Bites line my legs and I am getting used to the constant itchy feeling, but I do not imagine completely getting past it.

Happy Valentine's Day!