16 February 2009

"Asante Sana Jesu, Asante Sana Jesu"

That is the song that is stuck in my head (thank you Jesus).  It has been playing over and over and over all day long.  Hearing the same tapes has forced songs such as this into my head.  The tune is quite catchy and one of my favorites of the few songs played daily, but I need to get it out of my head.

After worrying all night long, Meowmar came back.  We let her out for the day while we were at church.  We saw her in the middle of mass as she cried out looking for us and then she disappeared for the remainder of the night.  By the time it came for bed, I came to terms with the fact that we had managed to lose our cat in less than a week.  I was elated when Phyllis came by with her in her arms.  We are keeping a close watch on the cat, but will have to work on making sure she knows to come to our house, not father's.

Work was an average paced day.  Had to do some checking of the petty cash and make a spreadsheet based on Friday's clinic.  William came by to tell us that his departure had been delayed for a few weeks due to a passport issue.  He stayed to have tea with myself, David, Angela, and Neto.  A solid hour of laughter ensued as I was given an Idiots Guide to running as a Kenyan politician.  Angela said that she would run and announce her candidacy as the four volunteers stood behind her.  At the end of her speech, she would tell everyone that we were there to provide financial support.  I told her that I would help out by making a poster of Obama with his arm around her.  I continue to love tea time and particularly my lessons about Kenya.  It is also fun because there are always some good quotations.  These two were the best of today:

  1. "Behavior betrays ambition" - William talking about mp's
  2. "You are not a man if you are not responsible" - the sage David

I was meant to meet with Judi this morning, but an emergency involving one of the clients prevented me from going over the the compound.  In the afternoon I washed the dishes and cut my hair.  Judi called for me to come by to learn QuickBooks and I hurried over to do some work for two hours.  Then back home by about 6 and leftovers for dinner.

Tomorrow I am off to the field with Joy. 

Two facts I learned today:

  1. When arriving at the boarder of Uganda, there will be men trying to change currency.  Go to a bodaboda man and ask to be taken to a exchange shop.  If you get a counterfeit bill you can know where to solve the problem.
  2. Do not buy things and take change at night in Malava.  People will pass you fake bills amongst your change.  There is a problem with fake money and it is easy to spot one in the light, but nearly impossible at night

Happy Monday!