12 February 2009

The Neverending Story IV

The bridge, once my pride and joy, has become the bane of my existence.  Today I was put to the task of adding a hand rail.  My only real problem is the fact that working on the bridge means dirty clothes.  Since I do not have a ton of pants, it becomes frustrating to wear a clean pair (as I did today) and end the day with them covered in dirt.  I should now just assume to be doing work outside as often as possible and bring along a pair of already dirty pants.  With the railing in place, all that is left is varnish.  Then concrete and the bridge saga will maybe sort of possibly almost come to an end.

I woke up early, 6:45, and brought in MC (Meowmar al-Catdafi) to roam about the house.  She was nestled in her bed that we made inside of the fire pit (pictured yesterday).  I sat and did my morning email check as she plopped into my lap, purring away as I rubbed her head.  If love-at-first-sight was ever questioned, than you have never met our cat.  She is still scared at times, but has come around quite a bit since last night.  All guests will be jealous when they meet her.  For they will wish that they could have such a beautiful and wonderful cat.  The addition to our home has provided a whole different level of entertainment.  We have reveled in watching her chase her tail, climb the couch, and just plain act silly.  This has been our best decision thus far.

This afternoon, Sue and I met with Sister Judi.  We were given a note to come by after lunch with no indication as to why.  I was a bit bothered that I had to walk all the way over to the compound for a mysterious meeting.  When we started, I was quickly put at ease when it became apparent that we would discuss the center to learn more about how it operates.  We learned about the funding and more of the history of the center (which I hope to gather in more detail to relate to you all).  The center is such a help to the greater-Malava community.  People are given assistance for surgeries, medications, therapy and even schooling.  All of this is organized through the center and made possible thought the relentless work of Judi.  She is the foundation and frame of the center.  It was encouraging to hear all the ways that we are able to help the children that we see during the day.

Tomorrow we have the first epilepsy clinic.  People will come to have an initial assessment done before the clinic next week in Eldoret.  Those with the greatest need will be taken to the clinic.  It is there that Sister Judi will also get the meds for the clients.  All clients are asked to pay something for any service, regardless of income level.  Assistance is given, but we stress that there needs to be some sort of financial contribution.  Even a few shillings here and there will do.